22 Delicious Things You Can Do With Leftover Easter Candy

Right around Easter every year, most households are filled with candy.

Not only do parents buy it for their kids, but let’s face it, candy on extreme sale after the holiday is hard to resist, even for adults. So, you may be faced with this issue at some point: too much candy that you just can’t eat.

Lucky for you, some geniuses online came up with brilliant recipes that use old Easter candy — and they are delicious!


1. Everyone loves pudding cups…even the Peeps.

2. You could make this Cadbury shake with or without the booze, but either way, it’s delicious.

3. Make epic cookies with your leftover jellybeans.

4. If the kids didn’t eat all of the Peeps, make a Peep lemon drop martini for the adults!

5. Create coconut “nest” cupcakes with candy eggs.

6. If you love Cadbury creme eggs, this cake is definitely for you.


8. Worst case scenario? Just throw your extra candies onto a cake and make it awesomely colorful.

And delicious.

9. This dessert Peeps pizza is a hodgepodge of ingredients, but it IS delicious.

This dessert Peeps pizza is a hodgepodge of ingredients, but it IS delicious.

10. These chocolate pudding cookies with candy eggs look delightful.

11. Love carrot cake? Need to avoid gluten? These GF mini carrot cakes are for YOU.

12. Chocolate lava cake with a Cadbury creme egg in it? OH YEAH, it exists.

13. Oreo bark is even tastier when you add leftover Easter candy.

14. This is a cookie pie. It has candy in it. It is delicious.

15. Make a mug cake with all of the assorted candies you have leftover.

16. Popcorn is great, but flavored candy popcorn? Even better.

17. Mmm, Easter brownies.

18. Is anything more magnificent than this spring Rice Krispies cake?

19. Oh, you said you liked Rice Krispies treats? Here’s a brown butter version with lots of candy involved.

20. Add crushed up candy to donuts (or make your own). Mmmm.

21. Instead of chocolate chips, use extra candy in these standard cookies.

22. Peeps s’mores. They’re bright, they’re delicious, and they’re s’mores.

(via Elite Daily)