These Audio Tapes Reveal Jared Fogle’s Sickening Plan To Get Close To Children

Jared Fogle rose to fame by becoming the face of Subway. He lost astronomical amounts of weight by incorporating the sandwiches into his diet, and he quickly became the brand’s spokesperson.

Fogle is now imprisoned in Colorado and serving a hefty sentence for the distribution and receipt of child pornography, as well as traveling to engage in illicit sexual conduct with a minor.

Most horrifying of all are the charges of sexual abuse. These audio tapes reveal how demented and twisted his actions were, since he had a very specific plan that he used to get closer to children.

Sickening is the only word that can describe people like him. Fogle used his star power to get closer to kids, and it’s highly likely that he caused immense trauma to his victims. It’s always scary to see the horrifying people behind the masks we see every day.