Creepy Perv Flashes His Junk on Bus Filled With Women, Lives to Regret It

If there’s one thing that unites women of all ages, races, sexual orientations and nationalities, it’s that we all share, at one point or another, the experience of being harassed by some creepy perv. Whether it’s being groped by some random dude in an elevator, hearing lewd catcalls from a group of construction workers, or realizing the guy sitting across from you on the subway is masturbating, the threat of male harassment is essentially universal. That’s why I’m inclined to look out for my fellow women, standing up for them or helping them to safety if they’re being harassed. And I’m delighted to report that a bus-filled with women in Turkey did the same for a fellow female passenger when a gross sexual harasser got on board and flashed his genitals at her.

Thanks to the wonders of surveillance technology, the incident was captured on video! Watch as the victim angrily calls out the flasher about his unwelcome display, and then cheer as the other women on the bus come to her defense, backing her up throughout the confrontation. When not-so-brave perv tries to make an escape out the subway doors, one of the women grabs him which, according to Metro UK, led to the guy’s arrest a short time later. Consider this a warning, creeps: you mess with one of us, you mess with us all!