A Surgeon Assaulted His Patient…The Reason Why Is Even More Appalling

Anytime you go in for surgery, there’s a chance you might walk away with complications…or worse. But when there was a payment dispute between a doctor and a patient in China, one woman received more hurt than she bargained for.

The following video was taken at a hospital in Inner Mongolia, and it’s believed that it was captured in the gynecology unit. Allegedly, the woman was about to be operated on when the doctor asked for more money to complete the procedure. An argument started, the patient lashed out, and eventually, the doctor slapped the patient and forcefully restrained her.

While it’s never okay to resort to violence, some are saying that the woman had every right. According to reports across the country, doctors are preying on patients and extorting them in their weakest hour, which is supposedly what happened in this woman’s case.

Because of this and other factors like a growing upper class with very specific expectations, recent numbers show that Chinese patients are attacking their doctors more and more often.