VIDEO 3-Year-Old Boy From Iraq Does Donuts In A BMW!

Most young people can’t wait to learn to drive.

But one three-year-old was more eager than most, as he was filmed driving a car and even pulling dangerous stunts, in Iraq.

Despite barely being tall enough to reach the wheel, the little boy is seen smiling in the red BMW and starts speeding without any fear.

Meanwhile, the adult responsible for him stands back and films him through the window.

With huge brown eyes and a checked shirt, the tot looks like butter wouldn’t melt in the video posted on Youtube.

But although he begins his ride fairly slowly, the toddler struggles to keep his eyes on the road and keeps his gaze locked on the cameraman.

And after a little encouragement he is seen to pick up the pace and begins spiraling and doing ‘donuts’ across the car park.

The dramatic moment is emphasized by the roaring of the car’s engine as it struggles to pick up speed and the squealing of wheels on the tarmac.

After completing his manoeuvre the little boy begins moving rapidly towards the cameraman with a wild look in his eyes.

He then continues to pull even more tricks as ironically placed gangster music plays in the background.

The video ends with a freeze-frame of the young boy next to the car, wearing a Mickey Mouse hoody and an angry scowl.

The minimum driving age in Iraq is 17.